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My equation for outstanding life















I computed an equation for outstanding life.  Terrific tools to balance all areas of your life.

Without balance, you will be stuck with a very miserable life during our earth journey. I created a set of K.P.I (key performance indicator) to monitor the right balance in life.

HUNGER create the perfect balance in your life to achieve your outcome, no matter what can happen

DISCIPLINE “work your ass off “until you pull it off

SMART do not reinvent the wheel, be clever /astute / when you work

AWARENESS swap the word “work” with ikigai. Enjoy the journey. That’s all you have.

Monitor these 4 K.P.I quantitatively. Daily. Set up the right monitoring. Evolve.

Make your life a masterpiece! Daily. One step a time. Gazillion of success, $, happiness, health WILL STACK UP  in your life at the speed of light.

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