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Say to your deepest fear: ” give me your best shot”







Want a BRAND NEW LIFE? Get rid of your fear(s) first!

As a trader, i recently discovered that fear in you greatest foe. Ditto in life.

I got rid of everything in my life that were nurturing my daily fears.
People, stuffs, and ultimately my own desires.The process was hard, tiring, an uphill battle. September 2015: i finally pulled it off.

I am free. As never before. I wish you can feel the same emotion at one point in your life. This freedom is so elating, so exciting. I can barely sleep at night.

Do you think my life in perfect thereby? Far from it!
Look at the picture. You see the crater? That’s my life now! I’m starting off from scratch. I don’t care how long it will take to rebuild everything. Because i enjoy every bit of every second i breathe. My core values are clear.

During 2012-2015, here are the lessons learned:

If you want a “second chance”, a new life, you will have to clean out your life first.Thoroughly.From A to Z. I would have no chance to find out my IKIGAI without wiping out fear(s) in my previous life. Then you start to rebuild. From scratch. At that point, record your life. Every moment deserves to be remembered. The good, the bad, the ugly = lesson learned. Because the JOURNEY is your life. There is no DESTINATION.

Goals,outcomes, desires are a byproduct of your journey. Nothing else. At the end of your life, the outcome(s)do not really matter much. Only the journey matters. A lot.  That’s the reason you should NEVER NEVER  pursue a path for the money only. Find out your IKIGAI first. Money will follow.

I learned it the hard way. Hope it will help you to emulate.


Tom Lamena

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