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What I learned at Kennedy Space Center US (Fl.) and the secret to get outstanding results as a trader within one or two decade














Raise your standards

Most people have big dreams. Most of their life, they fail to reach outstanding results. Why? Instead of raising their standards, they
cut down their ambition at a level far below their true potential.

Example: what it means for a trader to raise his standards

As a trader, there is a wide range of revenue you can make within one or two decades. In a nutshell, from earning a good living to ultra net worth individual (Wikipedia: at leat 30M$ net worth), and for some outlier guy, reaching family-office net worth ( 100M$ net worth>) as a trader.

Inner beliefs hold you back from raising your standards

I learned at Kennedy Space Center that big dreams demand big commitment. Very few people in life are willing to work 2 or 3 decades in a row to make it happen. Why? Because of limiting / conflicting beliefs since childhood. Conflicting beliefs are numerous, unconscious and prevent us from taking the necessary steps to achieve extraordinary results.

My recipe for success is simple, yet not easy to do

To put in a nutshell, you have to choose your “standards” within the range of possibility as a trader.

For me, the sky in NOT the limit; I yearn for the challenge “of a mission to mars” as a trader. This is a metaphor but you get the point.  3 MAIN POINTS:

I wrote down my mission (sept 2015), what I want to achieve with precise figures, date, and milestones and what I am willing to do to pull it off.

My commitment for success becomes increasingly important every couple of weeks. To date,

To date,
Stage 1 (23 weeks) Phase 0/1/2 From August/September 2015 to December 2016
Break: Special private event in January 2016
Stage 2 (100 weeks) Phase 3 : One month from February 2016 to early March 2016
I’m starting off Stage 2 Phase 4 (Mars 8th)
I am ready now to speed up the process. I have started
insanely hard smart hours. I call it: NAVY SEAL type of training.
1 day per month off maximum from now on.

Stage 2 Phase 4 program
Core Module 1:
Macroeconomics in-depth
Advanced technical analysis
Advanced Trading psychology and money management
Massive Simulator training in real market

Core Module 2:
Advanced nutrition practice to unleash the power within
Morning ritual to achieve peak performance…
Musculation, cardio-training 6/7 a week

Module Bonus:

Emulate the best trader in the world
Create a powerful network in my field
Daily commitment 24/7
I choose to do it because it’s hard, not because it’s easy.
Hours work related: 16/17 hours per day
Hours non-work related: 1 hour per day
Hours sleep: 6/7 hours per day

Number of hours work-related must be “smart hours”, not dumb hours.
Deliberate practice
Smart work
Continuous way of improvement



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Wall Street Warriors


bull wall street







Courtesy from Can Pac Swire  http://bit.ly/1Hx6aev  AttributionAttribution license

I watched Wall STREET WARRIORS seasons in september 2015. An eye-opening to grasp the role of various protagonists in the financial markets (Wall street)

Brokerage firm
Day Trader
Equity private company
Hedge fund manager
Deal maker
Floor Trader

Straight to the point. While i was watching the whole seasons, i could grasp the inner feelings of living wall street lifestyle. This lifestyle is NOT for everybody. If you know yourself, this way of life may turn into the greatest undertaking you will ever achieved.

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