Trading books

  • Trading With Passion and Purpose M. Whistler

Trading Psychology is really the first step and the most important one.

This is a paradigm shift in trading and …. in life. If you get that right, you can trade any market very successfully. It took me more than 4 years to get it right.
  1. Trading With Passion and Purpose M. Whistler
  2. Trading in the Zone M. Douglas
  3. Disciplined Trader M.Douglas
  4. Trading Psychology 2.0 B.Steenbarger
  5. Trade Mindfully G.Dayton
  6. TraderMind S.Ward
  7. What I learned losing a million dollars  J.Paul
  8. Psychologie des grands traders T.Kabbaj
  9. Jerome Kerviel L’engrenage
  10. Trading beyond the matrix Van K Tharp
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