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My second trading desk









The second trading desk within 50 days.

I keep on tweaking everything around my trading world. At the beginning of your “ikigai”, stay very focused on your core activity and at the same time, be very open to opportunities  “you don’t know you don’t know” (no pun intended). Why?  It sounds paradoxical and yet the universe will award you with great ideas ! (coming out of the blue). Called Serendipity.

Your biggest challenge in life is to make up slight change in your passion. Everyday . Over a decade.The dirty secret behind the so called overnight success. Nobody wants to tweak 116.000 hours over 2 decades!

Your second biggest challenge in life is to be “very open-minded” person. The more you are laser focus, the harder it is to be open-minded.

If you stay both FOCUSED (Disciplined) and OPEN MINDED (Teachable), you will achieve extraordinary success in life.

That’s the main reason people fail.

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