My recommended inspiring books

  • Man's search for meaning

I Know thyself books


1 Man’s search for meaning  V. Frankl

2 The power of Awareness N.Goddard

3 Awake the giant within T. Robbins

4 Please Understand  me II D. Keirzey

5 Second chance R.Kiyosaki






  • The Detox Miracle Sourcebook Robert Morse

II Health books


1 The Detox Miracle Sourcebook R. Morse

2 The China Study T.Campbell

3 The Power of Full Engagement L. Loehr and T. Schwartz








  • The Slight Edge J. Olson

III Efficiency books


1 The Slight Edge J.Olson

2 The Power of Habit C.Duhigg

3 A More Beautiful Question W.Berger








IV Wealth books


1 The ten roads to riches K. Fisher

2 Bold Peter Diamandis and S. Kotler

3 Zero to One P.Thiel

4 Money T.Robbins

5 The Millionaire Fastlane MJ Demarco


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