How did I celebrate my birthday ? I’m more crazy than you think

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As part of my journey, I set up a new trading desk for scalping.

Hardware devices 

1 Backup internet provider. I tripled my internet provider! 3 provider(s)

2 Get 2 powerful PC to trade ( backup PC )

3 Get a dozen of screens for very different purposes. PRO trader do trade with multiple screens while scalping.

My “present” for my birthday :  set up  a new trading desk

My best birthday EVER !
I will pull it off .
I have burned the boat.
There is no turning back.
Nothing is holding me back.

I will post pictures as soon as the new trading desk is up and running.

Life is better EACH DAY. Every day. Someone asked me lately: what would you do with 10 millions dollar today?

My  answer: keep moving forward my journey as a trader … The only difference: with more

The only difference: with more mone,  I will speed up my journey.

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