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Part 1/3 Why the big picture will shape your destiny



Success in life is not about one thing. The holistic view will give you a far better chance to have a blast along your journey.

Step 1 Define your CORE values

Step 2 Mark your level for EACH value today

Step 3 Envision 30 years from now where you want to be for EACH VALUE

Move your ass!!! If you’re not excited after step 3, you should re-do the exercise. You must be crystal clear about:

Where you are now

Where you want to be

It’s straightforward, yet 99% of human beings don’t do that. No wonder why life sucks for most of them.

Enjoy your journey above all.



I have read Peter Thiel’s book in early 2015. In today’s world, it reminds me more than ever than if you cannot think like a iconoclast thinker, you will follow the herd till the end of times.

We live in a weird time when people get upset very easily when they are facing any kind of challenge. Indeed, the very reason, we grow as humans, is to face up our deepest fear. And smash then!
As time goes by, I come to believe that the biggest trough in our lifes are our biggest blessings in disguise.

Starting off the journey as trader full time since sept. 2016, has been the biggest gift I have ever received. Let’s make it zero to one, as Peter Thiel wrote in this gem!



If you truly don’t LOVE what you do 24/7, you should not do it at all.

Trading is damn hard. But i love it. This is my lifetime QUEST.
Trading is my life. Trading has helped me to truly face my deepest fear. I have come to realize that the game of life is a mere experience of a much bigger scheme. I have made the pledge to live life to the fullest. 2016 was the greatest year of ALL for me. The year i have met my destiny. I wish you to find something you are TRULY passionate. This is BLISS, folks. This is it!

This is an excerpt with its weigh in gold:

“You have to go and follow what you love, you have to do it,” he said. “And you just have to follow your heart and you’ll be successful. And it may not be pure monetary success, because I know people that are the wealthiest people in the world and they’re not happy.

Very interesting below about your IKIGAI for more information:



I have studied very successful people for a while. There is a common feature among them: Hunger. The most peculiar thing about this feature is that you can’t make it up. You cannot create hunger.

But here is one thing very interesting. When you LET your life have very sharp peak or trough, you are increasing up the odds to get this “hunger” mindset. There is no huge success without huge failure beforehand.

I firmly believe that the toughest trough in your life brings the biggest opportunity. Most people never LET the toughest trough happen in their life. That ‘s the very reason they don’t ever get the biggest peak. They live the “average joe” life.

Do not shun the biggest battle of your life.Instead, face it. Because it will bring the biggest opportunity in your lifetime

Life rewards hard work, but enjoying the journey is the greatest virtue of all

It takes time to make it big. Two to three decades of hard work.

I have learned an invaluable lesson this week. If I don’t fully enjoy the journey, there is NOTHING that brings happiness once the outcome is reached. Happiness IS in the journey.

Indeed, pain, sweat, elation,  tears , growth are the hallmark of a great journey. Peak and Trough within a lifetime account for 100% of this human experience.