The personal account of the first 10-years journey towards trading.


There is no better way to share my deeply rooted beliefs in one sentence:

 “I challenge you to make your life a masterpiece. I challenge you to join the ranks of those people who live what they teach, who walk their talk.”

Tony Robbins.


Who am I ? [very short version]

Michael Jordan was asked by Tony Robbins at the peak of his career:

Tony Robbins: ” What sets you apart Michael?
What is it? Talents, abilities, background …?”

Michael Jordan:
I said:” i’ve talents, i worked really hard… BUT really it’s my standards. Every day, i demand more for myself than anybody else could humanely expect. I am not competing with somebody else. I’m competing with what i’am capable of… ”

This  dialogue sums up my ultimate goal and by the way, i hope to have a ripple effect to better mankind’s during the journey


Who am I ? [value(s) version]

3 core values

Unleash Health     Top-notch Health addict, raw & organic food, athlete

Manage resource allocation Focus on minimize risk and maximize EFFICIENCY/HOUR    +    NB HOURS/WEEK

 Surround with top notch people Don’t like small talk, like to interact with  “hungry and strong ethics” people. A go-getter, upfront, buoyant, blunt, trustworthy personality.



Who am I ? [linkedin version]


Regular update as many phase(s) will unfold.


Phase 12  Finishing  Trading goal n°1. 


Regular update as many phase(s) will unfold.


Phase 11  Finishing Sphinx goal n°1. 

Pegase / Sphinx / Trading and they are linked together.

Trading: underway

Sphinx: BIG GOAL n°1 achieved

Pegase: underway

The next stage will focus on trading my new strategy


Regular update as many phase(s) will unfold.

STAGE 4  JAN 17/FEB/17/MAR17

Phase 10 Linking my 3 major projects together

I have linked my 3 majors projects at this point

Pegase / Sphinx / Trading and they are linked together.

Trading: trader

Sphinx: health and mindset

Pegase: lifestyle

The next stage will strengthen and beef up the holistic goal.

09/2016 – 01/2017  

Regular update as many phase(s) will unfold.

STAGE 3  SEPT 16 /OCT 16  / NOV 16 / DEC 16

Phase 9 Finalizing the “hidden project”.

I have worked about reverse aging to get peak energy.
The results are mind blowing. I am confident it will help my ikigai for the next 2 decades to come. There are only two ways to get peak energy all the time. Either with stimulants (bad side effect in the long run) or with natural alternative(s) (big deal to achieve).

Phase 8 Building trading setup(s)

Building  multiple trading setup(s) & risk management is my challenge at the present time


03/2016 – 08/2016

STAGE 2 APRIL 16 / MAY 16  / JUNE 16 / JULY 16 / AUG 16

Phase 6A  Improve ability to work hard  HOURS/ WEEK  + EFFICIENCY/HOUR

–  Restructure my daily routine. Setup 50 rituals per day from morning till night. Must be able to reach the full capacity of 110h/week. This was decided in Phase 4.


Phase 6B  Building a robust trading system with the numerous tools I have discovered previously

After hundreds of hours of viewing chart and trading, I came to realize that my emotions are a huge impediment if not re-built.

Ego-driven, cutting winners short and a whole bunch of known side effects came up. I tweaked my plan to restructure my emotion and brain to become a trader. Phase 6 B was on hold. It’s better to solve this BIG DEAL sooner than later in a trading career.

Phase 7  Create the MIND of a trader

I used a whole bunch of tools  (PNL, meditation, advanced nutrition practice… you name it) to redesign my emotion pattern(s) to be able to trade in the long run.  This summer was a blast. I went to the very core of my emotion(s) a trader faces

I have worked my ass off to get to the root of my biggest hurdles  with many advanced techniques and strategies.

 02/2016 – 03/2016 

Pre -STAGE 2  duration : 2 month(s) FEV 16 / MAR 16 

– Creating a whole bunch of system to be able to learn / dig deep in the spot FX. Currency Future Market has not been ruled out at this point. (volume and clearing house are a major asset)

Decision :

From monday to sunday, tom is now able to spend 90% (98h/w) of his daily time around trading and top-notch health workout/meditation to balance the hard work required for trading. The goal is to reach 100%, i.e at full capacity very soon. (110h/w) . Hours without break, commuting, small talk and so on. REAL HOURS.

Phase 5 FIRST STEP simulation on FX market(s) and first step in the trading world

– Testing many different type(s) of strategies, lots of screening, money management setup(s), macroeconomy applied to trading.

Decision: the first series of test helped Tom to learn how hard trading is. All of the common rollercoaster as a newbie trader have been experienced. Great lessons learned after a couple of hundreds of hours on simulation.

 09/2015 – 01/2016 new life as a TRADER TRAINEE

STAGE 1 duration : 5 month(s)AUG 15 /  SEPT 15 /OCT 15 / NOV 15 / DEC 15 

Phase 1  Choose TRADER as a career

– In-depth research around the financial markets. Private Equity, Investment Bank, Hedge Fund, Prop Desk Firm, Corporate…
Decision: Tom will  kick off his career in the financial world as a trader.

Phase 2   Learn about different ASSET CLASSES

– Defining the market, the style of trading and so on…
Decision: Tom will begin the journey as currency trader(FOREX / Future Markets = short list)
All others type of market(s) (Equities, Commodities, Options, Penny Stocks…) have been ruled out to date.

Phase 3 Create a TRADING DESK

– Creating an environment to learn to trade while trying to get the best advice from professional traders (Many investor/trader exhibition in London and Paris within a couple of months)
Decision : Tom sets up an operational trading desk ( for intraday/scalp and/or swing trading)

BREAK (1 month) in January between Phase 3 and Phase 4 (personal event / professional goal). This break was scheduled since the beginning

2012 – 09/2015 Life changing decision

The last past 3 years during his sabbatical years were dedicated primarily to solve 3 core challenges:


Thorough analysis in alternative medicine, i believe you can cut off by more 90% the risk of major diseases (cancer, heart disease, stroke) with some simple practical steps in your life.

What impact would have a paradigm shift in your understanding of what top notch health is?
What is worth 2/3 years of your life if you get a true awakening about outstanding health?


Learning english in a professional proficiency level (UK/US travel + in-depth courses)


“He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.”
― Lao Tzu

Truly outstanding results to discover my core competencies. Myers Briggs was a linchpin of my quest. In-depth study of Myers Briggs MBTI (300h).Tom is a NT type., more precisely a ENTJ type. He can be describe as:

“Notoriously disinterested in small talks. NT looks for operations that are likely to take less effort to get the same result.Obsession with efficiency.No patience for ideas that don’t make sense. Achieve a gnawing hunger to achieve work is work, play is work.Problem-solving is 24 hours occupation”


2005 – 2011 Business development career

Tom Lamena had several positions in sales representatives, business development for more than 6 years.He worked in BtoC and BtoB environment with high level interlocutor as well as the average joe. Core activities focused on selling new real estate project for tax purposes.

He holds a Master’s degree in International Management.


Master’s degree in International Management

Creation date of the website  3rd november 2015. The website is entirely my own creation, working for a couple of days to pull it off.  You’re likely to witness massive change within a couple of years  while recording the first 10 years of my journey as a trader. Stay tuned!


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