Why going for a brisk walk in nature and watch the sunrise is salient when you spend your life in a trading room











I firmly believe that trader(s) who don’t have a VERY incredible balance in their life are prone to get a poor clarity of mind in the long run.  Stimulant(s) only work for a couple of years and wear you out.

3 areas in your life stand out to last decade(s) as a trader:

1/ Get a top notch health is one of the most precious value you can have as  a trader. People have no clue whatsoever what true health is about. To give you an idea:

Being able to do 2/3 hours moderate workout a day without ANY pain and feeling the bliss when watching a sunrise. Otherwise, what is the point?

A peak state during 17 hours a day.

No need for stimulant(s) (coffee, alcohol, drugs, craving for food(s).. you name it). Nature brings a wonderful strength in your life when you know what to look for.


2/ A long term relationship with deep foundation(s). Trader(s) overlook the crucial importance of not living like a lone wolf.  It drives you nuts and create imbalance in your life


3/ TRADING is an IKIGAI. Or do something else because there are zillions of way to enjoy life if your solely goal is to earn a living and trade as little as possible. The more I trade, the more I feel deep satisfaction in my life.