I have bought more household plants to increase the energy in my trading room while trading



A couple of weeks ago, I bought some plants. I am feeling so amazingly good that I have decided to get more plants around me.
I have decided to add up more houseplants to oxygenate my trading room. Breathing is a key factor to help thinking clearly. Boy, I am so happy to be surrounded by them. They are so alive!

Activist develops way to oxygenate your house using plants

We don’t trade the markets, we trade what we believe the markets are









Trading is  altered by the beliefs we hold to be true. This is a paradigm shift. If you trade within a specific framework, you will get the result according to this framework. And this is a SEA CHANGE my friend.

If you can reprogram your most limiting beliefs, you can trade at a level never reached before. This is so tough to undertake that it took me while to get.  Taking baby steps and working my ass off to get rid of old beliefs  were the biggest game changer in my view of the financial market world.

Why most traders are the average joe when it comes to trading









Trading is both an art and a science.  If you truly know who are, you don’t work any more. You have a blast while practicing your ikigai. Most traders are too much focus on money. That’s the reason they don’t reach the pinnacle of this game. It’s not about money. It’s about creating the most incredible edge ever. And you need to unleash your creative power  +  your science (knowledge) . Money CANNOT be a powerful catalyst to reach that kind of level. IKIGAI CAN and it’s the only way to go to the top of the game.

Decades of tenacity, ironclad and patience are required to play it big.



True happiness in trading comes when you live life by own standards









Know yourself! This is the best way to find out the greatest edge in the trading world. And refine/tweak/innovate decades after decades.

“Knowing others is intelligence;
knowing yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is strength;
mastering yourself is true power.”


It dawned on me that trading is really about knowing who I truly am.  And this is a big deal, my friend.